Arbitration Services for your Business in Latin America

Companies are doing more and more business all over the globe. One of the areas of fastest growing business is Latin America. Considering the demands and needs of companies doing business in the Latin American region, the Arbitration Institute of the Finland Chamber of Commerce (FAI) has developed services in different languages including Spanish and English.


Why FAI arbitration for your business in Latin America

When doing business in Latin America, you will most probably wish to ensure that any dispute that may arise from your contracts be resolved as fast as possible by a competent and neutral expert. This is what FAI aims to provide.

This is made possible by the following features of FAI services:

  • FAI’s long tradition: FAI has more than 100 years of experience in providing dispute resolution services for international disputes, also including parties from Latin America.
  • FAI’s neutrality: FAI is a neutral institution with a Board composed of Finnish and international members whose main task is to appoint the best experts for the resolution of disputes.
  • FAI’s state-of the-art Rules and Expedited Rules: FAI’s Rules meet the highest international standards and mean in practice the provision of efficient services for the resolution of commercial disputes.
  • FAI’s international website: FAI’s website is provided in many languages including English and Spanish to facilitate its use by companies of different countries.
  • FAI’s staff: FAI’s staff is qualified to assist customers and manage cases in different languages. It may serve as an illustration that the writer of this article is a Latin American lawyer, member of FAI’s staff, fluent in Spanish, English and other languages.
  • FAI’s flexible and fast arbitration: FAI arbitration has been designed to be adjustable to the needs of each case within a framework of fast resolution procedure. The normal duration of arbitrations under the FAI Rules is 9 months, while the normal duration of arbitrations under the FAI Expedited Rules is 3 months.
  • FAI arbitral awards are final and are recognized and enforceable in most countries of the world.

How to choose FAI arbitration and learn more about its services

To choose FAI arbitration, FAI recommends the use of its model arbitration clause, which you may find on its website in several languages including English and Spanish. The FAI model arbitration clause can be easily copied and pasted into your contracts. Parties are free to choose the number of arbitrators, the place and language of arbitration, and the law applicable to the dispute.

To learn more about FAI arbitration, kindly visit our website or send an e-mail to FAI will be happy to assist you with any questions regarding its services.

Adriana Aravena-Jokelainen
Latin American lawyer at FAI