Heidi Merikalla-Teir appointed Secretary General of The Arbitration Institute

Finland Chamber of Commerce has appointed Ms Heidi Merikalla-Teir, MBA, LL.M., as new Secretary General of the Arbitration Institute of the Finland Chamber of Commerce (FAI). Ms Merikalla-Teir joins the Arbitration Institute on February 2, 2015 and will be responsible for developing and coordinating the activities of FAI.


Ms Merikalla-Teir has previously worked as a Specialist Partner at Attorneys at law Borenius Ltd, specializing in commercial arbitration and other forms of dispute resolution. “Ms Merikalla-Teir has also considerable experience in acting as arbitrator, also under the FAI Rules. This gives her an excellent background to develop and promote the Institute”, says director Anne Horttanainen.

The new FAI Rules entered into force on 1 June 2013. “Arbitration is becoming increasingly important and popular method of resolving commercial disputes.  The new arbitration rules correspond with the best international practices and work very well in the resolution of both domestic and international business disputes. The new arbitration rules combined with effective case administration and appointment of proficient arbitrators lay an excellent foundation for promoting the Institute and arbitration in Finland”, says Merikalla-Teir.


Arbitration is an alternative dispute resolution method to litigation in state courts. It is generally considered as the most effective means of resolving both domestic and international commercial disputes.

FAI administers the settlement of disputes in domestic and international arbitrations governed by its Rules. In addition, FAI may be designated as appointing authority without subjecting the arbitration to the provisions of the Rules. Since 1919 FAI has operated in connection with the Finland Chamber of Commerce. However, being an autonomous and impartial arbitration body, it carries out its functions independently of the Finland Chamber of Commerce.

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