FAI Interview with Adriana Aravena-Jokelainen, Case Manager at the FAI


Adriana Aravena-Jokelainen in a Nutshell

  • Case Manager at the FAI since March 2010
  • Previously, member of the Arbitration Practice Group of a leading Finnish law firm in Helsinki, Finland (2005-2009)
  • Before moving to Finland in 2003, lawyer with a full-service business law firm in Concepción, Chile
  • Postgraduate diploma in Biosafety, UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization) and Universidad de Concepción, Chile
  • Postgraduate diploma in European Studies, Universidad de Concepción, Chile
  • Chilean lawyer (Licenciado en Ciencias Jurídicas, Universidad de Concepción, Chile)
  • Bilingual industrial business management clerk German-Spanish (Kaufmännisches Berufsbildungszentrum INSALCO, Santiago, Chile; apprenticeship with BASF in Santiago de Chile)


How did you get interested in arbitration and working at the FAI?

I got interested in arbitration during my university studies in Chile. I had an excellent teacher of civil procedural law—a member of the Concepción Court of Appeals and later a member of the Chilean Supreme Court—, whose professionalism and enthusiasm ignited my interest in civil process and arbitration.

After moving to Finland, I landed in arbitration by chance. I was looking for a job as a lawyer and the opportunity came from a leading Finnish business law firm. That is how I have been involved in arbitration since 2005.  I joined the Arbitration Practice Group of this law firm, where I was member of a counsel team in an investment arbitration and assistant to international arbitrators. Later, in 2010, I moved to the FAI and was appointed case manager of domestic and international cases, which meant an interesting change of my perspective of arbitration and dispute resolution in general.

Furthermore, my interest in this area of dispute resolution has motivated me to publish some articles on arbitration in Finland and institutional arbitration in international publications.


What is the best thing about working at the FAI?

The best thing for me has been the opportunity to further enhance my understanding of dispute resolution whilst being part of a great team of people striving for excellence in customer service. The FAI is extremely client-oriented; this focus on arbitration and mediation customers guides our improvements for a better and more efficient service.


What is the most challenging aspect in your work?

Pace of work and accuracy. As case managers, we are administering several cases at the same time. We need to be very focused and accurate to manage every case in an efficient manner.


If you could choose, what would you change in the field of arbitration or dispute resolution in general?

I would encourage businesses to focus more on dispute prevention and effective planning for dispute resolution, so that they find the best possible solutions and resolution methods for business problems. This includes thinking through the implications of choosing any dispute resolution method before drafting the dispute resolution clause and including it in a contract.


Any fond memory related to your work that you would like to share with us?

I have a very fond memory of the FAI’s 100th anniversary celebration in 2011, which marked the beginning of our international arbitration events (currently known as Helsinki International Arbitration Day— HIAD). It was a great honour and pleasure to be involved in the organisation of the anniversary event and in HIAD’s first editions. I feel very proud of the work that has been done, and continues to be done, by the FAI in order to position Finland on the world’s arbitration map.

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