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YACF, like many of its sister organizations, is as an organization run by volunteers who like both – arbitration and organizing events (the latter for purpose of promoting arbitration and young lawyers in arbitration). YACF would not exists without such great volunteers.

I (as the current chairman of YACF) got into YACF when I was asked to volunteer in assistance when organizing a joint event with Young ICCA in 2014 in Helsinki. That event was successful, though many difficulties were in the way of the event during organizing.

However, one thing was obvious during the organization. Everybody involved in the organization were in it not because a supervisor or a boss has suggested it, but because everybody really wanted to give their own influence the discussion on arbitration in Finland. Three years later those volunteers are now my colleagues, of who I respect and from who I can always look for support and assistance. Those volunteers are also now my friends. Today I get to work with these people in the board of YACF.

Why do I tell this story here?

The reason is obvious. In early-spring 2018 is the time for YACF’s next annual meeting. In that annual meeting, a new board is yet again elected. As of now it seems that YACF is in the need of four new board members (i.e. co-chairs) for the year 2018.

For 2018 we are planning to focus on international activities and organize joint events with sister organizations. The year 2018 will also be strongly influenced by the third CCC conference held in Rome in May 2018.

If you feel passionate about promoting arbitration in Finland and promoting Finnish arbitration abroad, I strongly urge you to volunteer for a position in the board as one of YACF’s co-chairs. Alternatively, if you have in your organization young professionals fitting to the scope of “call for volunteers” here, do encourage them to apply for a position in the board.

If a board membership seems currently too big of a responsibility to take, do remember that YACF is always in the look for new volunteers for smaller projects. One just needs to volunteer.

As this blog post is published right before Christmas it goes without saying that Christmas is the time of the year to volunteer.

And to end this blog post – I need to thank all the volunteers of YACF in 2017. In particular, Kirsi Kannaste, Tom Ehrström, Markus Kouhi, Daria Kozlowska-Rautiainen, Mari Vanhanen and Helen Lehto for being in the board of YACF in 2017. Thank you!


Leena Kujansuu
YACF Chairman
Senior Associate, Lexia Attorneys Ltd

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