The FAI Process Flowchart – Journey towards user-friendly services by using Legal Design

Arbitration is an effective way to solve disputes. At the same time, it is a complex process comprising several steps that are not necessarily easy for the end-users to navigate. Therefore, we at the FAI embarked on a legal design project to design a solution for the challenge of reaching our customers with information that is easy to understand, transparent and user-friendly. After some internal preparations at the FAI Secretariat, we had a kick-off workshop with Dottir and Hellon to define a common goal for the whole project. The general goal was to improve the usability and transparency of the FAI services particularly from the users’ point of view. From the outset, we agreed that the end result of the project — regardless of its form — should be engaging, functional, pragmatic and help potential users to easily understand the arbitration process. The end-product of the legal design project, the FAI Process Flowchart, is an interactive web tool explaining the FAI arbitration process.

Did we succeed with our legal design project? Did the FAI Arbitration Process flowchart achieve the project’s goal of being engaging, functional and pragmatic? Does it help potential users to easily understand the FAI arbitration process?

You tell us. We would be grateful to hear your feedback and thoughts on how to further develop the flowchart by email ( Take a closer look at the FAI Process Flowchart here. There is also a Finnish translation of the Flowchart available here.

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