Major “IFCAI Biennial Conference” International Arbitration Event in Finland

The “IFCAI Biennial Conference” international arbitration event will assemble leading institutions and prominent figures from the field of international arbitration on Thursday, 23 May 2019 in Helsinki, Finland. The topic of the day Roles and Responsibilities of Key Stakeholders in Conflict Resolution – Finding the Right Balance to Maximise Strategic and Effective Conflict Resolution” will focus on strategic and effective conflict management from the perspective of different stakeholders. The event is hosted by the Arbitration Institute of the Finland Chamber of Commerce (FAI).



During the conference, interesting panel discussions will address effective conflict management and existing dispute resolution mechanisms, and envisage the future, exploring what international arbitration and dispute resolution will look like in ten years.

“The future of arbitration is a very topical issue also in Finland. In the spring of 2019, the Ministry of Justice launched a project for the reform of the Finnish Arbitration Act, which is an excellent opportunity for Finland to enact a law that meets international standards and enables Finnish dispute resolution to better serve the needs of an internationalized business sector in the future. In this way, we will also be able to attract foreign arbitration users and disputes to Finland and Finnish arbitration,” says Heidi Merikalla-Teir, Director of Dispute Resolution Services at the Finland Chamber of Commerce and Secretary General of the FAI.

Merikalla-Teir points out that Finland meets all requirements to raise its profile and further succeed in the field of dispute resolution. Finland already has international-level arbitration expertise, an internationally recognised arbitral institution, good geographical location and low corruption.

“By updating our legislation, we will create a foundation upon which we can systematically build Finland’s international reputation in dispute resolution in the future,” says Merikalla-Teir.

The “IFCAI Biennial Conference” arbitration event is held every two years. Organised by the International Federation of Commercial Arbitration Institutions (IFCAI), this year, the event will be hosted by the FAI in lieu of the Helsinki International Arbitration Day, which has been organised seven times.

A record number of participants will attend the event: More than 250 attendees from 26 countries and 17 international arbitral institutions are expected to participate.

“We are grateful for the trust the IFCAI has placed in us to arrange and host this international arbitration event and its side events, the IFCAI Council Meeting and the IFCAI General Assembly. Organising a high-quality event for such a large number of participants would not have been possible without the support of the Finnish arbitration community and event partners, all of whom deserve our warm thanks,” says Merikalla-Teir.

“The choice of Helsinki as venue for the IFCAI Biennial Conference and of the FAI as the organisation to host and promote the event have been the right ones, as evidenced by the high-quality conference programme and the large international audience. Finland is a growing market for arbitration with a bright future as a place international arbitration,” says Stefano Azzali, President of the IFCAI.

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