Erkko Meri appointed as a Case Manager at the FAI

Erkko Meri has joined the FAI team as a Case Manager as of 15 April 2020.

Prior to joining the FAI, Meri was working as a Lawyer at the Entrepreneurship and Business Environment Team of the Finland Chamber of Commerce. He has experience as an in-house lawyer at Signom Ltd and also as a legal trainee at law firm Hästö & Co. Mr Meri speaks professional English and Swedish, in addition native Finnish.

”I’m looking forward to deepening my understanding of dispute resolution at the FAI. Effective dispute resolution is, in the end, what makes rights and contracts relevant. I’m sure I will enjoy the inspiring and energetic spirit at the Institute and I hope that I will be able to contribute to its growth”, Meri says.

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The FAI Secretary General, Santtu Turunen, welcomes Erkko Meri to the Institute:

”Having Erkko join the FAI feels like a perfect addition the FAI team. As Erkko has already been working at the Finland Chamber of Commerce, I know that he is an amazing colleague to work with, always to the point when addressing legal problems and never afraid of new challenges. Erkko does not have that much experience in arbitration yet, but he is a true talent and his quality of work has always been excellent. Giving him case management responsibilities feels easy. In addition, with his experience, he will be able to contribute in other issues at the Institute such as data security and IT projects.”

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