Record number of 101 new cases filed with the Finland Arbitration Institute (FAI) in 2020

In the year 2020, the FAI received a record number of 101 new requests for arbitration. This translates into a growth of 50 percent in comparison to 2019 (67 RfAs) and 25 percent in comparison to the previous record year 2013 (80 RfAs).



”The growth means that we are able to provide fast, high-expertise and cost-efficient dispute resolution services to an increasing number of customers. This benefits not only the companies but also the society as a whole, as efficient conflict resolution and protection rights are important to the economy” says Santtu Turunen, the Secretary General of the FAI.

The FAI has also managed to shorten the duration of the procedure before transmission of the case file to the tribunal, which is currently about two months. ”I wish to thank the Secretariat and the FAI Board for their excellent work in challenging times”, Turunen says.

According to Turunen, the increase in RfAs does not seem to be linked to COVID-19. ”However the competitive advantages of arbitration, such as speed and flexibility, are likely to become even more important to the customers”.

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