The Finland Chamber of Commerce appoints new Chairmanship Heidi Merikalla-Teir, Gisela Knuts and Anders Forss together with two new International Members to the Board of The Finland Arbitration Institute (FAI) as of 1 January 2022 – current Chairmanship awarded with medals of extraordinary achievement

Heidi Merikalla-Teir, Gisela Knuts and Anders Forss appointed as the new Chairmanship of the FAI


Attorney at law, Managing Partner Heidi Merikalla-Teir (Merilampi Attorneys Ltd, Finland) has been appointed Chair of the FAI Board as of 1 January 2022. Merikalla-Teir has previously held the position of Secretary General of the FAI and has been part of the task forces renewing and drafting the Arbitration and Mediation Rules of the Institute. Attorney at law, Partner Gisela Knuts (Roschier, Attorneys Ltd, Finland) and Attorney at law, Partner Anders Forss (Castrén & Snellman Attorneys Ltd, Finland) have been appointed as Vice-Chairs.



Partner Anina Liebkind (Norburg & Scherp Advokatbyrå AB, Sweden) and Counsel Andrey Panov (Allen & Overy LLP, Russia) have been appointed as new International Members of the FAI Board.

The term of the current FAI Chairmanship ends on 31 December 2021. The Finland Chamber of Commerce has awarded Attorney at law, Partner, FAI Board Chair Petra Kiurunen (Lindfors & Co Attorneys at Law Ltd, Finland) and Head of Legal Affairs, FAI Board Vice-Chair Mikko Kemppainen (Orion Corporation, Finland) its Medals for Extraordinary Achievement for their significant contribution to the development of commercial dispute resolution services and meritorious work in the Chairmanship of the FAI Board. Attorney at law, Partner, FAI Board Vice-Chair Marko Hentunen (Castrén & Snellman Attorneys Ltd, Finland) has been awarded The Finland Chamber of Commerce Cross for Extraordinary Achievement as recognition of his meritorious work to promote the economic freedom and the operational prerequisites of the Finland business community. Hentunen held a key role in the taskforce renewing the FAI Arbitration Rules as of 1 June 2013. The recognitions were awarded in connection with Helsinki International Arbitration Day on 3 December 2021 and the FAI Board’s final meeting of the year on 17 December 2021.


As of 1 January 2022, the composition of the FAI Board is the following:



Heidi Merikalla-Teir, Managing Partner, Merilampi Attorneys Ltd, Finland



Gisela Knuts, Partner, Roschier, Attorneys Ltd, Finland

Anders Forss, Partner, Castrén & Snellman Attorneys Ltd, Finland


Finnish Members:

Tero Artimo, Attorney at law, Asianajotoimisto Artimo & Co, Finland

Tarja Honkanen, District Judge, District Court of Helsinki, Finland

Antti Järvinen, Partner, Frontia Attorneys Ltd, Finland

Ville Pönkä, LL.D., Professor of Private Law, University of Helsinki, Finland

Tuuli Timonen, Senior Licensing Manager, Nokia Technologies Ltd, Finland


International Members:

Daniel Hochstrasser, Partner, Bär & Karrer AG, Switzerland

Jennifer Kirby, Arbitrator, KIRBY, France

Stefan Kröll, Arbitrator, Professor for International Dispute Resolution, Bucerius Law School, Germany

Anina Liebkind, Partner, Norburg & Scherp Advokatbyrå AB, Sweden

Robin Oldenstam, Partner, Mannheimer Swartling Advokatbyrå AB, Sweden

Andrey Panov, Counsel, Allen & Overy LLP, Russia

Galina Zukova, Partner, ZUKOVA Legal, France


The FAI wishes to extend its gratitude and warmest thanks to the current Chairmanship as well as the Finnish and International Members stepping down from the Board as their terms come to an end on 31 December 2021:


Chair Petra Kiurunen

Vice-Chair Marko Hentunen

Vice-Chair Mikko Kemppainen

Finnish Member Olli Sailas

International Member Niuscha Bassiri

International Member Toomas Vaher


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