Costs of Arbitration

The costs of the arbitration include

– the fees of the arbitral tribunal;

– the travel and other expenses incurred by the arbitrators;

– the Administrative Fee and expenses of the Institute; and

– the legal and other costs incurred by the parties in relation to the arbitration, if such costs have been claimed and to the extent that the arbitral tribunal considers that the amount of such costs is reasonable.

Unless otherwise agreed by the parties, the costs of arbitration shall in principle be borne by the unsuccessful party.

Fees and expenses of the arbitral tribunal

The arbitral tribunal’s fees shall be determined exclusively by the Institute. The Institute shall determine the fee of a sole or presiding arbitrator in accordance with Table B (Appendix II of the Arbitration Rules).

When fixing the arbitrator’s fee, in addition to the monetary value of the dispute, the Institute shall consider the complexity of the dispute, the time spent on the case, and the diligence and efficiency of the arbitrator.

Administrative Fee of the Institute

The Institute shall determine the Administrative Fee referred to in Article 47.2(d) of the Rules in accordance with Table A (Appendix II of the Arbitration Rules).