YACF Blog: Lively Co-Operation Across the Borders

Throughout YACF’s soon to be five year history, the club has been active internationally providing its members with opportunities to meet with and share their experiences with young practitioners from other jurisdictions. Besides Finnish lawyers, the club’s membership also includes a number of practitioners particularly from the Baltics. The three seminars organized by YACF in the respective Baltic countries have further enabled YACF members to interact with young practitioners in the Baltic countries where no organized clubs yet exist.

Many YACF members are also members of similar clubs and organizations abroad. Especially events organized by YAS in Stockholm draw a steady participation from YACF. YACF has also co-hosted two seminars in Helsinki together with ICC YAF: one in 2013 and one in 2016.


However, in recent years the co-operation between clubs and associations in the Nordic region, Europe and globally has also taken some more structured forms. The 1st Global Conference of the Co-Chairs’ Circle of young arbitration associations was held in Berlin in 2014 with a strong delegation present from Finland. Two years later in 2016 the 2nd Global Conference was hosted by YACF in Helsinki as reported in the FAI Newsletter of June 2016. After two successful events we are now eagerly looking forwards to the 3rd Global Conference scheduled for 2018 in Rome.

The associations in the Nordic countries have also sought to establish a forum dedicated to the Nordics and in 2015 a joint Nordic event was organized in Helsinki by the Finnish, Swedish and Danish associations on the eve of the Helsinki International Arbitration Day. Fortunately this did not remain a one-off thing and on 8 December 2016 a second joint Nordic event took place at MAQS law firm’s offices in Stockholm now also including the newly founded Young Arbitration Practitioners Norway and a panelist from Iceland.

Let’s hope these developments in international exchange and cooperation of the recent years are only the beginning. After all the international aspect is ever present in the way arbitration is perceived and shapes arbitration also on the national level. And besides offering seminars of very high standards and the opportunity to meet tomorrow’s superstars from other countries, the young arbitrators’ conferences are characterized by a relaxed atmosphere and are very much fun to attend!

Tom Ehrström
Senior Associate
Dittmar & Indrenius, Helsinki

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