YACF Blog: YACF Celebrates Five-Year Anniversary, Publishes Book on Arbitration in Finland

This autumn marks the five-year anniversary of when Young Arbitration Club Finland was founded in its first chairwoman’s – Ms Anna-Maria Tamminen’s – kitchen.

Since then, YACF has arranged at least around thirty different events; seminars, lunch clubs, Christmas parties, back to business drinks, open mic nights, “bring your own questions” -themed panel discussions, and last but not least; the 2nd Co-Chairs Circle Global Conference, which was held in Helsinki in May 2016. YACF’s events have been frequented by Finnish and international arbitration lawyers alike, and many have been arranged together with YACF’s sister organisations.

For its five-year anniversary celebrations, YACF pulled out all the stops by hosting both an anniversary seminar and a dinner as well as publishing a book on arbitration in Finland.

During the seminar “Arbitration 2.0 – Back to the Future of Arbitration”, various thoughts were raised regarding what arbitration will look like going forward. Amongst other things, the audience got to participate in polls wherein they were asked to take a stand on what words come to mind when hearing “the future of arbitration”, and whether the participants thought arbitration as we know it would still exist in the year 2100. These thoughts were then discussed further in a panel discussion moderated by Ms Mari Vanhanen of Roschier and including Mr William Brillat-Capello from Betto Seraglini, Ms Natalia Petrik from the Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce (SCC), and Mr Julian Wyatt of Lalive.

YACF being a young practitioner’s organisation, some additional fun needed to be added into the mix. Hence, all seminar participants were invited to participate in a bingo: words and phrases commonly used in arbitration conferences (e.g. “thank you for your excellent question”, “Queen Mary Survey” and “third party funding”) were included in a bingo card, and as the speakers spoke, the audience ticked off the boxes until the first three to shout “bingo” had been rewarded with a price.

Last but not least, the audience was treated to 35 tips on how to reach agreements from experienced peace negotiator and chair of the European Institute of Peace, Mr Pekka Haavisto, as well as some comments on Mr Haavisto’s presentation by FAI’s Secretary General, Ms Heidi Merikalla-Teir.

Interestingly, the overall discussion focused less on technology and more on how arbitration could benefit from the increased utilisation of other ways of dispute resolution. If there is one conclusion to be drawn from the seminar, it seems that the future of arbitration involves further influences from the world of mediation – as suggested by Ms Hannah Tümpel, the keynote speaker.

The anniversary celebrations also saw the launch of YACF’s first publication, called “Arbitration in Finland”, with chapters authored by many attorneys from various law firms, who graciously contributed their time and effort to making this book happen. Huge effort has also been put in by the editors of the book – Mr Tom Ehrström, Ms Tuuli Timonen and Mr Santtu Turunen. YACF is grateful to everyone that contributed to the book and to the law firms that sponsored its publication.

After the anniversary seminar was concluded and the bingo winners announced, YACF’s members and friends proceeded to Katajanokan Kasino for some dinner, drinks, and dancing.

If the first five years are any indication, the next five years are set to be an even greater success. YACF looks forward to sharing its book with the world and arranging even more interesting seminars in the future.


Helen Lehto
YACF Board Member
Senior Associate, Hannes Snellman Attorneys Ltd

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