Six Questions to Antti Järvinen


Six Questions to Antti Järvinen, Partner at Frontia Attorneys at Law Ltd, FAI Board Member


What is the most enjoyable part of your work?

Having the chance to help our clients in matters that are important to them and work together with colleagues who I consider the best in the market.

What is most challenging in your work?

I think every case is a positive challenge. A litigator needs to feel challenged, push ahead and turn every stone. A very important, though sometimes underestimated part of a litigator’s work is to discover and profoundly understand the parties’ strategic goals and business drivers underlying a dispute. It is critical to consider these issues thoroughly also in order to help the client reach a rational settlement, when possible, and avoid unnecessary proceedings.

What has been your proudest achievement?

After almost 20 years in practice, it’s really about those moments when I see that our team has done everything we can to help the client. Of course, all litigators enjoy winning a case, but it’s the actual work before winning (or losing) that should make you happy – otherwise your performance may not be complete. Personally, a proud moment was when Hannes Snellman recruited me some 18 years ago. Now, today at Frontia, what really makes me proud and happy is the trust that has been shown towards our new firm by the excellent colleagues joining our team and the many clients entrusting their cases with us.

Which article or book would you recommend to the readers of the FAI newsletter?

“Gone Girl”, “The Talented Mr Ripley”, “Velvoiteoikeuden oppikirja” (in Finnish)

What is your favourite…?

Music: Machine Head, Slipknot, Foo Fighters (and certain 90’s ballads which I dare not disclose)
Architecture: Turku Cathedral, Finland.
Painting: Hjalmar Munsterhjelm’s archipelago paintings.
Movie: Leon, Goodfellas, Whiplash.
Sport: Cross country skiing, cycling.

What should people know about the FAI in your opinion?

The FAI is a highly professional and very well managed arbitration institute. In my opinion, arbitration under the FAI Rules provides a cost-efficient, credible and swift alternative for dispute resolution both in domestic and international matters.

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