Young Arbitration Club Finland – 5 years old as a development milestone

From the early days of Young Arbitration Club Finland (“YACF”) the following description has been stated at YACF’s webpage:

Young Arbitration Club Finland (YACF) is an association for young lawyers and other professionals interested in arbitration and alternative dispute resolution. Founded in 2012, YACF seeks to promote arbitration in Finland and to increase awareness of Finnish arbitration abroad by providing lawyers aged 40 and below an easy-going forum for exchanging views and networking.”

I see the development of YACF from 2012 until today very much comparable to a development of a young child. Now in 2017 YACF is clearly not a toddler anymore – but an association full of energy and enthusiastic to evolve and grow.

A five-year-old is said to be “five-year-olds are creative and enthusiastic problem solvers”. This is particularly accurate to 5 year-year-old YACF as well. I am happy to announce that YACF is currently creatively working on with its first book project hopefully to be published later this year. YACF is also eagerly organizing its 5-year celebration seminar and dinner party to be held on 20 October 2017. Do save the date for the seminar and dinner. More information to follow.

At this age “child is better at seeing other people’s points of view” and that “five-year-olds really want to know more about how the world works.” As the chair of YACF I know that this description is completely true to our association as well. We at YACF are always open for new ideas. This was also stated by YACF’s previous chair in her blog entry on 14 April 2016. Since that date YACF for example launched lunch groups activity (i.e. “lounasrinki”) and the idea for such activity did come directly from our members.

Also for 2017 YACF is eagerly looking for creative ways to solve and discuss topical problems of arbitration and to learn more from other people’s point of view. So if you have any ideas, do approach us.

I am happy I get to see how the world of arbitration truly works with amazing colleagues and new co-chairs of YACF. On 2 March 2017 YACF members selected a new board to work with in the 5 years old association. Current co-chairs with whom I get to work are Mari Vanhanen (Roschier), Helen Lehto (Hannes Snellman), Daria Kozlowska-Rautiainen (University of Helsinki), Tom Ehrström (Dittmar & Indrenius), Kirsi Kannaste (Krogerus) and Markus Kouhi (Lehto Group).

In the end to underline the most important point: save the date, 20 October 2017, YACF 5-year celebration seminar and dinner.


Leena Kujansuu

YACF chairman

Senior Associate at Lexia Attorneys Ltd


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