Wrap-up of YACF activities in 2019


As we are nearing Christmas and New Year, it’s a good time to have a quick look back on the Young Arbitration Club Finland’s activities this year.

The last YACF event in 2019 was the traditional Christmas party held on 4 December. The party included a memorable fireplace video, mulled wine and, most importantly, we were honored to have a cozy fireside chat with a distinguished arbitrator and Supreme Court Justice, Mr. Ari Kantor. During the fireside chat, Mr. Kantor shared his experiences in arbitration and litigation and answered questions from the audience.

YACF arranged several other events throughout the year. In January, YACF co-organized the first Nordic Arbitration Day, which was held in Stockholm. In March, there was a pre-moot seminar on force majeure issues in Helsinki, followed in April by a roundtable discussion on how arbitrators manage substantive issues. A joint YACF & Club Español del Arbitraje seminar was held in May in Helsinki, addressing topics such as the influence of cognitive biases and emotions in hearings. In June, YACF co-organized a joint DIS40, YACF & YAAP roundtable discussion on case management in Riga. YACF also held a workshop in Helsinki together with ICC YAF with the focus on effective communication skills. Furthermore, groups of YACF members have regularly gathered for lunch, networking and discussing interesting topics within the YACF lunch club.

As the wide range of events shows, YACF has offered its members a lot of opportunities for exchanging views and networking during 2019. Based on the positive feedback received, YACF members appreciate the events offered. On behalf of the YACF Board, I want to thank all active YACF members, hosts, guest speakers and organizers for their input to YACF activities.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Jussi Hakanen

YACF Co-Chair

Senior Legal Counsel, Fondia Plc