How to initiate an arbitration

The claimant shall submit a written Request for Arbitration to the Arbitration Institute.

The Request for Arbitration shall contain the following information

(a) the names and contact details of the parties and of their counsel or other representatives;

(b) identification of and, where possible, a copy of the arbitration agreement under which the dispute is to be settled;

(c) identification of any contract, other legal instrument or relationship out of or in relation to which the dispute arises;

(d) a brief description of the nature and circumstances of the dispute giving rise to the claims;

(e) where claims are made under more than one arbitration agreement, identification of the arbitration agreement under which each claim is made;

(f) a preliminary statement of the relief sought, together with the amounts of any quantified claims and, to the extent possible, an estimate of the monetary value of any other claims;

(g) the claimant’s observations or proposals as to the number of arbitrators, the language, the seat of arbitration and the law or rules of law applicable to the substance of the dispute;

(h) if the arbitration agreement provides for three arbitrators, and the parties have not agreed otherwise, the name and contact details of the arbitrator nominated by the claimant;

(i) the claimant’s possible observations to the effect that the Expedited Rules would be more appropriate for the conduct of the arbitration than the Rules; and

(j) proof of payment of the Filing Fee referred to in Article 7.

Please also provide the following information:

– the claimant’s VAT number if the claimant is registered for VAT
– the claimant’s invoicing address if different from the claimant’s postal address.

If you wish, you may use the form for filing the Request for Arbitration.

Filing Fee

Upon filing the Request for Arbitration, the claimant shall pay the Filing Fee prescribed in Article 1 of Appendix II of the Arbitration Rules.

More information on payment of the Filing Fee


The Request for Arbitration shall be submitted in the language of the arbitration as agreed by the parties. Failing such agreement, the Request for Arbitration shall be submitted in the language of the arbitration agreement.

Submission of the Request for Arbitration

The Request for Arbitration may be submitted by mail, facsimile, e-mail or by hand.

When submitting the Request for Arbitration by e-mail, customers are encouraged to use secure e-mail ( instead of standard e-mail. The use of secure e-mail is cost-free, easy and secure.

The Institute may, if deemed necessary, separately request that a party provide a hard copy of a Request for Arbitration transmitted electronically or additional copies of any hard copy.

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Sending secure e-mail

The Arbitration Institute recommends that the sending of confidential documents and communications be protected by using secure e-mail instead of standard e-mail. The use of the Arbitration Institute’s secure e-mail enables confidential sending and receiving of messages to and from the Arbitration Institute’s general e-mail address ( and the staff’s e-mail addresses (please check the staff’s e-mail addresses here).