German translation of the FAI Arbitration Rules and FAI Expedited Rules now available

The 2013 FAI Arbitration Rules and FAI Expedited Rules are now available in German language. (more…)

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YACF Blog: The top 3 things one should know about the Nordic Arbitration Day


The first ever Nordic Arbitration Day (NAD), co-organised by the Young Arbitration Club Finland (YACF) in 2019, was a two-day event held on 17-18 January 2019 in Stockholm and hosted by the Young Arbitrators Sweden. The conference with panel discussions was preceded by an evening reception at the SCC the day before.

The conference attracted over 200 participants. More than 20 professionals came from Finland. It was impressive to see how active the Nordic arbitration community is. The event gained attention beyond the Nordic region, with attendees coming from Belgium, France, Switzerland, UK, and USA, to name a few. Despite the age restriction of 45 or under, NAD united professionals from all stages and directions of a legal career – from those fresh out of law schools and making their first steps into the world of arbitration, to those already taking leadership roles in the sphere.



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Internationally recognized arbitration experts to join the Board of the Arbitration Institute of the Finland Chamber of Commerce


The Board of the Arbitration Institute of the Finland Chamber of Commerce will be strengthened with new Finnish and foreign experts as from the beginning of next year.

The Finland Chamber of Commerce has appointed seven new members to the Board of the Arbitration Institute responsible for the administration of arbitrations and mediations for the term beginning on 1 January 2019. (more…)

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“Women Pioneers in Dispute Resolution” book published


“Women Pioneers in Dispute Resolution” book is a joint book project of ArbitralWomen and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). As noted in the preface, the book is a tribute to women pioneers in dispute resolution and also to those women who more recently have embarked on the difficult path of highly competitive and coveted arbitration activities. The main objectives of the book are to share success stories of women pioneers in their field of expertise and to promote female practitioners in dispute resolution. (more…)

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FAI Newsletter – October 2018

A new FAI Newsletter has been published! You may find it here.

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YACF Blog: Fostering a young generation of international arbitration practitioners in Finland


A vision of Finland as a hub of international arbitration has emerged in recent discussions on the potential revision of the Finnish Arbitration Act. As part of any long-term vision, Finland will need its younger generations’ contribution. But how to raise new generations to promote Finland in the global arbitration arena?

Everything starts with international opportunities and exposure to international arbitration. For many students, the Vis Moot offers a first glimpse at the international arbitration network. The crucial question for a student or young practitioner interested in international arbitration is, what the next steps are. The world offers so many opportunities, but you have to find them first and be able to pursue them. You might just need a bit of luck too.

As a student, I heard about an open internship position at the ICC Secretariat in Paris by mere coincidence. I happened to write my thesis in a room with another student interested in arbitration, and she kindly shared the intel. It took some courage to pick up the phone, but it was well worth it. A few months later I found myself in Paris.


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The FAI Process Flowchart – Journey towards user-friendly services by using Legal Design

Arbitration is an effective way to solve disputes. At the same time, it is a complex process comprising several steps that are not necessarily easy for the end-users to navigate. Therefore, we at the FAI embarked on a legal design project to design a solution for the challenge of reaching our customers with information that is easy to understand, transparent and user-friendly. After some internal preparations at the FAI Secretariat, we had a kick-off workshop with Dottir and Hellon to define a common goal for the whole project. The general goal was to improve the usability and transparency of the FAI services particularly from the users’ point of view. From the outset, we agreed that the end result of the project — regardless of its form — should be engaging, functional, pragmatic and help potential users to easily understand the arbitration process. The end-product of the legal design project, the FAI Process Flowchart, is an interactive web tool explaining the FAI arbitration process.

Did we succeed with our legal design project? Did the FAI Arbitration Process flowchart achieve the project’s goal of being engaging, functional and pragmatic? Does it help potential users to easily understand the FAI arbitration process?

You tell us. We would be grateful to hear your feedback and thoughts on how to further develop the flowchart by email ( Take a closer look at the FAI Process Flowchart here. There is also a Finnish translation of the Flowchart available here.

If you want to read more about the FAI legal design journey, take a look at these two articles:

“My Legal Design journey” -blog post

“A Legal Design Case Study” -article, Legal Business World (page 29)


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FAI Interview with Petra Kiurunen, Chair of the FAI Board


Professional life in a nutshell

  •  Master of Laws, University of Helsinki, 1996
  • Customs Secretary, National Board of Customs, 1996
  • Associate Lawyer, Hannes Snellman, 2000
  • Senior Associate, Hannes Snellman, 2004
  • Partner, Head of International Arbitration, Hannes Snellman, 2008
  • Partner, Lindfors & Co, 2010 –
  • Finnish Arbitration Association, member of the board 2012 –
  • Member of the FAI Board 2013 –
  • Chair of the FAI Board 4/2018 –


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Shaping the Future of International Arbitration: A Report from Helsinki International Arbitration Day 2018

Helsinki International Arbitration Day (HIAD) is an arbitration conference organised by the Arbitration Institute of the Finland Chamber of Commerce (FAI). Since its inception in 2012, HIAD is held every year in the city of Helsinki bringing together legal practitioners from Finland and abroad to hear from top experts about the latest developments in international arbitration and mediation. Already in its seventh edition, this year’s event, held on 24 May 2018, was attended by some 200 delegates from 16 countries.


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YACF Blog: YACF’s new board wishes you all happy summer vacations!

Time is flying by and three months have already passed since YACF held its annual meeting, where a new board was elected. I am happy and honored to now get to chair the board of such a wonderful organization together with all our amazing co-chairs. The board now constitutes of the following members:

Ms. Helen Lehto of Hannes Snellman Attorneys Ltd (chair)

Mr. Alexander Gurkov of the University of Helsinki

Mr. Jerker Pitkänen of Castrén & Snellman Attorneys Ltd

Mr. Jussi Hakanen of Fondia Ltd

Ms. Leena Kujansuu of Lexia Attorneys Ltd

Ms. Mari Vanhanen of Roschier, Attorneys Ltd

Mr. Valle-Veikko Eronen of Krogerus Attorneys Ltd


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