How to Initiate Mediation

The party or the parties wishing to initiate mediation under the Mediation Rules shall submit a Request for Mediation to the FAI.


The Request for Mediation shall contain the following information:

(a) the names and contact details of the parties and of their counsel, if any;

(b) a copy of the mediation agreement under which the dispute is to be settled, if there is a written agreement of the parties to refer the dispute to mediation under the Mediation Rules, or a description of any other type of understanding between the parties to resort to FAI Mediation;

(c) a brief description of the matter including, if possible, an assessment of the monetary value at stake;

(d) any joint nomination by all of the parties of a mediator or, in the absence of a joint nomination, any agreement or proposal as to the attributes of the mediator to be appointed by the FAI;

(e) description of any time limits for conducting the mediation; and

(f) proof of payment of the Filing Fee prescribed in Article 1 of Appendix I of the Mediation Rules.


Please also provide the following information:

– the party’s VAT number if the party is registered for VAT
– the party’s invoicing address if different from the party’s postal address.


Filing Fee

Upon filing the Request for Mediation, the party shall pay the Filing Fee prescribed in Article 1 of Appendix I of the Mediation Rules. The Filing Fee is EUR 1.500 and constitutes a part of the Administrative Fee.

More information on payment of the Filing Fee



If the parties have agreed on the language of the mediation, the Request for Mediation shall be submitted in that language. In the absence of such agreement, the Request for Mediation shall be submitted in the language of the parties’ contract that is subject to dispute.


Submission of the Request for Mediation

The Request for Mediation may be submitted by mail, by hand delivery or by e-mail.

By mail to:

The Arbitration Institute of the Finland Chamber of Commerce
P.O. Box 1000
FI-00101 Helsinki

By hand delivery to:

Aleksanterinkatu 17 (World Trade Center Helsinki)

By e-mail to: