Six Questions to Olli Sailas

Six Questions to Olli Sailas, CEO at Wiidare, FAI Board Member

What is the most enjoyable part of your work?

Helping our clients to succeed in business and working together with absolutely fantastic colleagues.

What is most challenging in your work?

Definitely finding the time to do all the interesting things that I would like to do and get done. Saying no and putting things on hold is never easy.

What has been your proudest achievement?

I do not think I can name one. Being a father, husband, entrepreneur and CEO of a small professional services firm is like a dream come true to me. I admit that I am proud of the feedback that we are getting from our clients.

Which article or book would you recommend to the readers of the FAI newsletter?

Online Courts and the Future of Justice by Richard Susskind.

What is your favourite…?

Music: Anything that’s rock ‘n’ roll’s fine.
Architecture: Works by Eero Saarinen.
Painting: Boys Playing on the Shore by Albert Edelfelt.
Movie: The Unknown Soldier.
Sport: Team sports in general.

What should people know about the FAI in your opinion?

The FAI Arbitration Rules reflect the best practices within the field and the FAI Secretariat delivers excellent service to domestic and international users of arbitration.

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