Start-ups and Arbitration – HIAD on 3 December 2021

The topic of HIAD 2021 on 3 December is Start-ups and Arbitration. Since HIAD will be held following the world’s leading start-up event Slush, Helsinki will be the world’s start-up capital during that week.

Dispute resolution services are meant to solve problems of end customers. Therefore, we need to listen to users, and understand their reality, and their needs. Start-ups are not a homogeneous group and do not always share the same needs in terms of dispute resolution. However, there are common features that typically separate start-ups from other types of companies. These features might relate, for example, to the future-oriented mode of operation, fast development, and corporate structure.

In addition to addressing start-ups’ dispute resolution needs, HIAD will include the following topics: arbitration in shareholders’ agreement disputes, what lawyers could learn from the start-up community and how the start-up way affects corporate customers’ expectations of dispute resolution services, and start-ups and innovation in arbitration. The event culminates with the FAI’s 110th anniversary dinner.

See the program and register here.

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