Meet the FAI’s newest case manager Kristoffer Stockus

My first months with FAI have flown by so fast. From the very beginning I got a warm welcome and tremendous support from my colleagues. I was lucky to join FAI at an exciting time. Among other things we had our first ever Emergency Arbitration this summer, and later this autumn we will move over to a new IT-system which will further improve our service offering. Moreover, we have had a good number of cases thus far. Hence, I am pleased to say that there are a lot of interesting things going on at the Secretariat.

One of the highlights of these first few months has been the Finnish Arbitration Academy. Although having previously worked at another arbitration institute abroad, the Finnish Arbitration Academy has significantly improved my understanding of arbitration. We have had brilliant lecturers covering everything from how to write and interpret arbitration clauses, to the interplay between arbitration and public courts and much, much more. I have thoroughly enjoyed all the practical advice given throughout the course. Perhaps more importantly, the Academy has enabled me to acquaint myself with the talented Finnish dispute resolution community.

What I particularly like regarding the case manager position is that it is not only about the daily case management, but also about having a long-term perspective by constantly developing and improving our dispute resolution services to better meet the needs of our end customers and society at large. Looking ahead, we have many interesting things in the pipeline, not least the Helsinki International Arbitration Day in December. I hope to see you there!

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